A Food Confessor

I love to eat, to cook, try new recipes, host dinner parties, attend dinner parties….

fruit cupieI am not a picky eater; I am not vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, soy free, gluten free….blah, blah, blah; and I don’t push all the mushrooms to the side of my plate; or ever turn up my nose to trying something new, like baby octopus. In fact, I am an omnivore to the hard core: well rounded- all about balance and moderation.

I prefer whole foods, unrefined flours and sugars, anti-biotic free meets, as completely ‘pesticide free as can be’ produce (however due to costs and over-rated organic labeling, I choose my battles). I buy local whenever possible.  I cook from scratch most of the time. I rarely buy processed box meals or pre-made frozen meals (even if they are from a health food store).

No matter how I cook, or where I eat, awareness of what is going into my food is very important to me.  If I make a pizza, I make a homemade crust. If I make brownies, they don’t come in a box. These are the starting points of what I feel produces quality food….and I don’t concern myself with “quick and easy”. I am a busy busy woman; a non-traditional college student with two children, husband, and a part-time job. I feel that most cooking from scratch takes just as much time (perhaps with a few more steps), as cooking from a box and making a fresh salad.

When it comes to eating out, I like to eat at restaurants that utilize local farmers that grow produce and rear antibiotic free animals, as much as possible (not always), using the freshest and quality ingredients.


I don’t think I’m a health fanatic, but I have been classified as one because I am highly aware of what foods I put into my body and how my body reacts to it.  For years I have had digestive issues and so not too long ago I decided to start weeding most of the gluten out of my diet.  Not completely though. I don’t believe in “all or nothing” fad diets either, but heaven behold, my stomach is feeling happier cutting down the gluten.

On this blog I intend to share some of my favorite “tried and true” recipes that people are asking me for all the time; basic recipes that I’ve tweaked, made gluten free, and/ or added some secrets to make them up to par with my needs. I’ll also be sharing my eureka natural remedies and cleaning solutions, a blurb or two about events I attend that revolve around food, as well as restaurant venues that I peruse. Since I am cheap and I choose  my battles regarding ingredients to keep costs down,  I intend to reflect how I do this here as well. Pretty much anything that we put voluntarily and even involuntarily into our bodies will be amongst the pages here on Comestibles: Tried & Truth.