Liquid Dinner


-1 largeliquid dinner  beet
-2 medium carrots
-finger size section of fresh ginger
-1 orange
-handful bunch of spinach

Put these fabulous produce items in your juicer and voila! you have a healthy snack, light lunch, or light dinner….

So, as I’ve said before, I don’t like waste. ….This pulp is going to become some sort of breakfast muffin. Dare me. pulp

Fresh Juice

The other day I pulled out my very basic Oster juicer……and I don’t regret it.  The fabulous concoction that heightened my day, consisted of: refreshing juice



-fresh ginger


-sweet potato

Check out the lovely foam.  juicie juice

So after juicing, remains a bowl of pulp that perhaps you wonder what to do with.  pulpI personally don’t believe in waste, consequently, I have always tried to maintain that my pulp goes into my baking, such as in a quick bread or breakfast muffins. Unfortunately I don’t have images to prove it from the past, and lately I’ve been too busy to follow my own standards. Sorry.